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5 Home Trends from 2021 that Are Here to Stay

2021 saw some new trends in home designs, but just because the year is coming to a close doesn’t mean all recent trends are fading into the past. Here are some modern home design features that are predicted to carry over into the new year.

1. Reimagined Paint Colors

White, beige, and gray have historically been the champion colors for neutral walls, but 2021 saw something new begin to emerge. The purpose of neutral wall colors is to bring a room together and not distract too much from furniture and decor. Recently homeowners have been experimenting with using bolder colors, such as greens and blues, as the new neutral. The results can be surprisingly elegant and make a space look more modern.

2. Energy Efficient Design

As we see more people focused on care for our environment than ever before, it’s no surprise that a common home design trend for 2021 was toward energy-efficient builds. In addition to reducing a homeowner’s carbon footprint, an energy-smart design can cut down on the cost of utilities. This trend will likely stick around due to the long list of practical advantages provided by an energy-efficient home. Designs that work for all seasons, keeping things warm in the winter and cool in the summer, give added comfort without a big electric bill.

3. Natural Details

On a similar note to a focus on more energy-efficient homes, recent trends are seeing a greater emphasis on the use of natural materials in the details of the home. From wood paneling on ceilings to stone details on the exterior of the home, natural options look great and can be some of the best options for responsibly sourced and renewable material. Natural materials can be incorporated into many elements of a home, including built-in furniture, cabinets, architectural details, and more. They may also be added later as part of interior design through furniture and decorations.

4. Usable Spaces

Modern home trends have an emphasis on spaces that are functional and make the home as easy to use and comfortable as possible. This means finding a balance between big, open spaces for gathering, and more private spaces for when a homeowner needs somewhere cozy to get some work done or relax. Functional homes also take into account the flow of the rooms as part of the design, making sure that everything is placed where it makes the most sense. Storage solutions may also be an emphasis. Usable spaces are beneficial for homeowners of every age, but they can be especially important for those who are busy and need to cut down on stress, or people who want to be able to stay in their homes as they age.

Keeping Up With Home Trends in 2022

While no one can say for sure what new trends 2022 will bring, the ones above are a few that are likely to stick around. At Gallery Homes, we build homes with a focus on usability and reducing environmental impact.

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