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Sales Office (386) 738-7000

Maverick Homeowner’s Maintenance Manual

Dear Homeowner,

The Maverick Homeowner’s Maintenance Manual is written in a manner that we hope will help you understand how your new home functions. It is a resource manual, which is intended for informational purposes only.

If you follow these few simple maintenance procedures, in a timely manner as described in this manual, your home will give you many years of pleasure and comfort.

The manual explains in simple and easily understood language your normal Homeowner’s Maintenance responsibilities, which should always be conducted in a prudent, cautious and safe manner.

If you feel that certain types of maintenance or repairs are beyond your particular capabilities, we suggest and urge you to call a professional, licensed contractor to perform the needed work.

We have attempted to cover all of your home’s maintenance areas with as much pertinent information and their primary needs as possible. Since our manual is widely distributed in many states, some information may not pertain or apply to your geographic location. It is impossible to address every scenario or method of maintenance. If we have omitted anything and you are unsure of how to proceed, we suggest that you refer to the manufacturer’s written instructions, or contact a local professional contractor.

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Kerri Hogan

Kerri Hogan is our Office Coordinator and is in charge of tracking all customer inquires and concerns.  As always, please reach out to Gallery Homes at (386) 738-7000 if you experience any issues or have any questions/concerns!