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6 Debunked Myths About Building a Custom Home

When it comes to purchasing a home – building a custom home has many benefits. Not only is the home built based on your needs, preferences, lifestyle and budget – you will be the first person to live in the home.

Unfortunately, the idea of building a custom home is often overlooked, because buyers feel it may be out of their reach – whether it’s due to the amount of time and commitment to the project, budget or other reason. There are many misconceptions when it comes to building a home, and they can often steer people in the opposite direction.

So, if you’re in the market to buy a home and thinking that building a custom home is just a dream, don’t shut the idea down quite yet. Our team of home building experts are putting the most common myths to bed, so that you can make a true decision on whether or not building your custom dream house is the right decision for your next home.

  1. You Have To Buy a Lot First

If you happen to own a lot already and are looking for a builder, that’s great. Buyers who don’t have one however, need not worry. In fact, it is probably easier to start by choosing a builder first. Experienced builders know what to look for in a construction site. They know features the untrained eye might miss, such as orientation, tree location, slope, public water and sewer hookups and other factors that can affect a potential site.

Also, many experienced builders have built phenomenal communities for custom home building and often they have great benefits and amenities – these are definitely worth looking into.

  1. Building a Custom Home Is Too Expensive

A custom home is simply a home built with your choice of materials and features. In fact, if you want to splurge on some areas, you can choose less expensive materials in others to balance your budget. Working with an experienced builder will be able to offer you your best options when it comes to quality materials within your price range, and getting the best lifespan out of your home choices.

Another great benefit of working with a custom home builder, is they will ensure every nook and cranny is built within safety code. As often, new home buyers may purchase a home and have someone complete a custom project “on the side” and this could create issues with both your home and overall safety.

  1. Building a Custom Home Is Too Hard

The process of building a custom home certainly can be hard if you try to make all the decisions yourself. A trusted builder can walk you through the entire process. Start by communicating your preferences. Your team will keep your wishes in mind and select options that work for you.

Your builder will also give you peace of mind by making sure your home passes all inspections and everything is within code.

  1. A Custom Home Takes Too Long

Working with an experienced builder can shorten the process of home building, whether it’s a spec home or custom home. A builder who knows the area has a network of connections that can streamline the building process.

  1. It’s Hard To Get a Construction Loan

Construction financing lets a buyer pay for the lot and construction costs with one loan. The lender will want an appraisal of the finished home, meaning you’ll need to know detailed information up front. Your builder will have the specifications the appraiser needs, making it easier for you to go through the loan process.

  1. A Smaller Home Costs Less

Many factors go into a home’s final price; square footage is only one of them. Kitchen features, number of bathrooms and materials used will all affect the final price of a home. Fixed costs, such as permits, remain the same no matter the size.

Build Your Dream Home With The Best

The home of your dreams is a possibility. Finding the right home builder in Volusia County is as important as finding the perfect home.  And when you begin the new home construction journey, you want to feel like you’re walking with an ally.

Trust is the cornerstone of every home we build. Our promise is straightforward – a quality-constructed home you’re proud to own at an exceptional value using the latest construction technology and carefully selected quality materials.

We look forward to listening to your vision and working with you on your custom home in Volusia County. Contact our team online, or call us at (386) 260-2454 to learn how we at Gallery Homes can make your dream a reality, today!