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Home Builder Red Flags to Watch For

Building a home is a huge undertaking. After all of the time and expense that you’ll put into this type of project, you want to be totally happy with the finished product. Your choice of builder could have a determining impact on the quality of the work, costs, and the timeline for completion. It is important to be discerning about who you choose to work with. Be conscientious about red flags regarding a builder’s competencies and reliability.

Missing Credentials

When you’re checking out a contracting company, make sure that it has all of the requisite professional and business licenses for a building project in your area. If builders do not have authority to perform work, bringing them in on a project is not an option.

Lack of Online Presence

Successful builders tend to have a fairly conspicuous presence online. In addition to a well-maintained website, look for listings on professional directories. Builders that have little or no visibility could be cause for concern that their businesses are not well-established or their resources are not sufficient to handle new construction.

Active Claims

Unresolved complaints with regulatory authorities or the Better Business Bureau may signify that a business is failing to meet its obligations to customers. Steer clear of builders with claims involving financial dishonesty, breach of contract, or improper workmanship.

Inadequate Insurance Coverage

Not having general liability coverage is a definite dealbreaker. A contracting company that does not have adequate coverage or has no coverage at all probably won’t be able to provide you with a reasonable remedy if an accident or some other type of occurrence during a build causes you to incur damages.

Ask a builder to produce a current certificate of insurance, and consider incorporating a clause about coverage in your agreement. If a builder refuses to discuss insurance coverage, it’s a nonstarter.

Unfamiliarity With Local Building Code

A professional contracting company should have total fluency in all of the building code and permitting regulations in your project’s locale. Noncompliance with building ordinances can result in protracted delays, having to redo work, and costly fines. Typically, property owners, not contractors, are responsible for paying fines. If builders cannot answer basic questions about construction standards or inspections, they probably don’t have the right amount of experience to assume responsibility for a build.

Problems With the Building Department

Some cities and municipalities building departments aren’t particularly easy to work with, but industry professionals understand that they have to work as cooperatively as possible with building inspectors. When a builder complains vehemently about inspectors’ ineptitude, it may be a sign that they’ve had negative interactions with individuals at your local building department in the past. Not being able to work cooperatively with inspectors could cause major setbacks and accountability issues.

Choose a Builder That You Feel Confident About

When you’re getting ready to plan a construction project, steer clear of builders that raise red flags. Limit your search to builders with the right competencies and skills for a large scope of work. Contact Gallery Homes at (386) 260-2454 for assistance from a professional and reputable builder. Our portfolio reflects the exceptional caliber of our work and demonstrates our extensive experience helping property owners create their dream homes.