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20 Simple Methods To Boost Your Home’s Value

20 Simple Methods To Boost Your Home’s Value

A few upgrades may be all you need to get max offers on your home. Grab a notepad and checkout your house to see if fixing or refurbishing the following items can boost your resale value.

9 Tips for the Interior

Carry a flashlight and take a close look on the inside from top to bottom to check for necessary upgrades:

  1. Lights: Homes that are light and bright sell faster. Replace any dark or outdated fixtures.
  2. Caulk: Remove brittle and moldy caulking around tubs, showers, toilets, counters, and windows to create a feeling of newness.
  3. Faucets: If you can’t get out persistent water stains, swap out old faucets for new ones.
  4. Walls and trim: You can either paint yourself or hire a professional, but opt for lighter neutral colors and natural details that work as a blank canvas for a buyer’s imagination.
  5. Electrical plates and light switches: Replacing any old or cracked outlet covers and light switch plates is a small project that can make a big difference.
  6. Locks and knobs: Pieces on the door become dull and loose from constant use, so clean and tighten or replace them where necessary.
  7. Cabinetry: Updated cabinets is another inexpensive solution to giving the home a modern feel.
  8. Staging: Depersonalize the home by removing pictures of your family and other personal items.
  9. Carpet and floors: Stains and dirt build up quickly, so don’t hesitate to call on the help of a professional to get your floors spic and span.

9 Ideas for the Exterior 

Head outside and work from the ground up to see if any of these spots could use refreshing:

  1. Lawn: Keep the lawn well-manicured as soon as you put up a “For Sale” sign. Buyers may do a drive-by at any point.
  2. Landscaping: Adding seasonal shrubs, flowers, or other plants can make the home stand out. Add a touch of color that accentuates the decor.
  3. Driveway: Eliminating the naturally accumulating grime makes your home appear like the builder just put it up.
  4. Siding: Pressure wash the side of the home to enhance its curb appeal.
  5. Screen doors and window screens: Replace tearing, fading, or warping screens.
  6. Smart security: A video doorbell and outdoor camera helps the house feel more secure.
  7. Porches and decks: Wooden patios and decks benefit from a fresh coat of paint or stain, which also guards them against the elements.
  8. Lights: Clean up dingy fixtures and replace old lighting with new.
  9. Gutters and roof: Leaves and litter poking out from your drains or lying on the roof cause the property to look neglected, so hose things off or hire a pro.

A Couple More Ways To Boost Your Sales Price

Professional assistance on the sales and valuation front will net you more money than you spend on hiring help, saving you time and headaches. Work with a trusted real estate agent for negotiation tips and other ways you can maximize your home’s value.

Pay for independent inspection and appraisal to provide detailed insight into your home’s condition. Sharing a clean bill of health for your house with buyers can dismiss any doubts.

Getting the New Home of Your Dreams

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