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Top 5 Things Home Builders Can Do To Help Keep Your Costs Down in 2021

We’re only three months into 2021, and we’ve already seen housing costs go up, due to supply and demand factors. However, if you’re a homebuyer looking to build, don’t fear – it’s still a great time to purchase your dream home.

To help keep the pricing down, it’s more important than ever to be working with a great home builder that can help you make smart choices. Your home builder (and their team) should have open and honest communication about the different options you have available during the design and build out of your new home. Afterall, it shows they have ethics, integrity and respect in the industry.

If you’re looking to build a home, and not quite sure where to start, when it comes to finding a great home builder during these times, don’t panic. Our team of home building professionals have put together the top 5 things you can look for in a builder, that exemplifies that they are working in the best interest of you as they build your dream home.

5 Ways That Home Builders Help You Limit Costs

In a changing real estate market, home builders know how to reduce operating expenses and use financial strategies to lower building costs during construction. These skills are invaluable to buyers who want to get a home with all of the desired amenities without breaking their budgets. Following, are 5 areas where home builders help streamline this process:

1. Offer You Alternative Building Material Choices

One of the reasons for recent cost increases is a shortage of building supplies. Different options such as recycled, repurposed or reinforced materials cut down prices and still maintain the integrity of the structure. Homebuyers can choose materials that suit their tastes.

2. Keep Communications on Track

Your home builder works with the general contractor, subcontractors and other parties to make sure timelines are met, and the project stays on budget. Communication coordination is an essential factor in the building process to prevent delays and oversights that increase costs.

3. Negotiate Project Costs

As construction costs rise, it’s important to have a skilled negotiator work with supply companies and subcontractors to ensure the best deals. Your home-building team helps all parties work together to reach a fair price and to keep costs manageable.

4. Create a Budget-Conscious Plan

In the planning phase, builders work with home buyers to establish a needs and wants list. This information is used to develop a workable budget that addresses how to pay for materials and labor. Your team evaluates progress on the project and tracks expenses to keep them in line with budget goals.

5. Reduce Construction Waste

Waste is a big issue for any construction project. A home builder manages resources so that materials and labor are used efficiently. Reducing any types of excesses is a considerable cost-saving measure for buyers.

What Gallery Homes Is Doing to Reduce Costs

At Gallery Homes, we’re being very mindful of the question “what do we think this home will cost us to build in the next 9-12 months?”. We want to make sure we’re giving each buyer the best possible cost analysis we can do with their home build.

We are consulting each trade to get a big picture idea. We are also keeping in mind how the industry is affecting our local Realtor community. We are seeing other builders lower commission, heighten registration requirements and alienate them. We are trying to ensure that in our price increases, we are still able to encourage our Realtor community to have the same trust in us that they’ve always had, and that we will take great care of their customers and them.

One thing that comes with years of experience, we are fortunate that our partners in trade have been loyal and dedicated to us for a long time and vice versa. With that, they are giving us the necessary notice of changes and increases when they can, and doing their best to hold our pricing, which in return, helps us maintain an honest communication process with our buyers.

A Builder You Can Trust

Gallery Homes is the leader in seamless and care-free home buying processes. From start to finish, we walk our clients through every step, so they can make informed choices about their new home.

You can depend on the degree of commitment from every level of our organization. Call our team for a free, no obligation consultation at (386) 260-0575, or contact us online to learn more about all that we have to offer you and your home needs, today!