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4 Ways To Help Your Home “Keep Its Cool”

When summer temperatures move you indoors more often, you want your home to feel cool and give you a break from the heat. However, you probably want to make it happen without running up a high energy bill.

Fortunately, there are ways to conserve energy and reduce the load on your air conditioner, starting with your home design. Here are four ideas.

1. Proper Insulation

While Florida homes typically don’t need protection against extreme winter weather, insulation is necessary to keep hot air out when the air conditioning is running.

Insulation is rated by its thermal resistance. The higher the R-value, the greater its resistance and the less heat that flows into your home from the outdoors. Some insulation materials include fiberglass, mineral wool, rock wool, cellulose and polystyrene.

The materials from which your home is constructed affect recommended insulation R-values. Additionally, different types of insulation have different R-values. Talk to your home builder to learn more about recommended R-values for your home.

2. Window Placement

Windows are essential and let in sunlight and beautiful views. They also allow heat to penetrate. You can improve your home’s ability to keep its cool by orienting windows for energy efficiency.

Windows that face east and west allow the most sunlight to enter as they face the sunrise and sunset. You can still enjoy large windows in your home but consider facing them to the south. South-facing windows allow light to enter without taking a beating from the direct sun.

3. Awnings and Window Coverings

What if you have windows on your home’s east and west sides? After all, you don’t put all the windows on just one side of the house. Overhead structures, window coverings and awnings can protect your interior from direct sunlight.

East- and west-facing windows benefit from movable coverings that you can adjust as the sun’s position changes. Some options to consider are:

  •   Operable awnings
  •   Exterior roller screens
  •   Vertical louvers

Although they aren’t adjustable, you can consider planting trees or shrubs that block sunlight on your home’s eastern and western sides.

4. Ceiling Fans

Studies show people are comfortable at higher temperatures with air moving around them. A ceiling fan can help you feel cooler even with the thermostat set higher — thus saving you money. Studies in Florida show that raising your room temperature by one degree can decrease your cooling energy use by 10%-15%.

Remember to adjust your thermostat to a higher temperature if you’d like to use ceiling fans to feel cooler while lowering your energy bill. Also, remember to turn off fans when you’re not in the room — they don’t cool the air itself, but they make people feel cooler.

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