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What You Need to Know Before Building Your First Home

Building your first home can make for exciting times. After all, you’ve found a terrific lot and have saved enough money to realize your homebuilding dreams. The process of building is not always straightforward, though, and should involve a good measure of patience. Many homeowners wish they had known a few things before they got started.

Being Patient Is Critical

Building a home requires more time than if you simply purchased one. In many cases, homebuilding takes as long as six months to a year and usually cannot start immediately. These beginning phases include a good deal of behind-the-scenes work before major activities such as foundation work begin.

Even if you are building a simple home, the process could take three to six months. Weather, supplier issues, and other events can affect the timeline too, and are out of your control.

It’s normal if you feel restless. Building your home is likely to be the biggest investment you make and has a huge effect on you. Prepare yourself to expect the unexpected, and try to remain as flexible as possible. Keep busy in other areas of your life.

You Will Probably Go Over Budget

Hidden costs can arise unexpectedly during the homebuilding process, even if you keep the most meticulous records. One approach to minimize budget “surprises” is to work with a company that has a lot of experience and excels in quick delivery.

Strive to get an evaluation and estimate of various construction expenses. It is important to get everything in writing. Have a written contract that outlines project details, including the timeline, budget, and scope of work. Another key tactic is to keep a reserve of cash to access if needed or develop a contingency plan if you ever need extra money.

Site Selection Matters More Than People Realize

The location you choose to build your home on has many direct and indirect effects. One obvious impact is that the site influences how much you pay for the property. Popular areas cost more, after all. Weather can also influence how much you enjoy the property.

An indirect effect relates to insurance prices. If you build in an area at higher risk of flooding or natural disasters, you could find yourself paying more for insurance. Access to schools, public transportation, shopping, and healthcare are other critical aspects to consider.

Designers Are a Tremendous Help

While residential designers are not strictly necessary, they can be hugely helpful. For example, they assist with these things:

  •   Complying with building codes, other codes, and legal elements
  •   Getting things right/reducing the need to make potentially expensive modifications later
  •   Receiving municipal approval to build the home
  •   Running the project much more smoothly
  •   Budgeting
  •   Planning for the unexpected

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Building your first home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can be equal parts exciting and stressful. Many variables such as the home design and supplies go into the process. Choosing the right home builder can save you a lot of money and help you realize your dreams better and faster. Get in touch with Gallery Homes at (386) 260-2213 today.