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The Expanded Role of Dining Tables in Today’s Home

Decorating a home naturally involves furniture which has the dual purpose of function and aesthetics. Beds for sleeping, chairs and sofas for sitting, dressers and armoires for storage. Then there is one of the most essential pieces of furniture, the dining room table.

This is a piece of furniture that is used by the whole family as well as guests. As its name implies, it’s where you eat meals. Dinnertime is traditionally when everybody gathers around the dining table, eats, and shares each other’s day. However, times have changed, and the dining table now has an expanded role.

Showing Off Culinary Masterpieces

The dining table is still the place for enjoying a meal in your home. However, with the advent of the Food Network and the internet, many home cooks have become sophisticated amateur chefs, whipping up elevated dishes that look as good as they taste.

Choosing a style and color of the table certainly involves matching the decor of your home. You may also want one that will show off your culinary delights. For instance, many people like to post photos on social media to show off their skills. A stunning table makes a good backdrop.

Holding Celebrations

A dining table is a place to gather everyone together for celebrations. Holiday meals such as Christmas, Easter, and the biggest feast day of all, Thanksgiving, are more fun with the right table.

Family events such as birthdays, graduations, and christenings also need a beautiful dining table to enhance the celebration. A romantic dinner for two is another thing to consider when buying a new table.

Expanded Living Space

The living room is the communal space for family entertainment and hosting guests. In today’s open-concept homes, the dining room and kitchen are part of a larger space connected with the living room. When families get together and invite guests, the dining table is a vital part of hosting. You can serve coffee, snacks, or hors d’oeuvres at your beautiful table.

It provides extra seating space and is a great place for sitting and conversing. Choosing the right style now involves considering the living room decor and adding warmth and an inviting feel to your home.

Home Workspace

Thanks to computers and the internet, many kinds of work can be done from the comfort of your own home. Recent events have dramatically increased the number of people who work remotely. There are even hybrid jobs that split time at the office with time at home.

Some people have a dedicated home office or a desk in another room but a dining table can make an excellent workspace. It’s large enough to accommodate a laptop, papers, and work supplies. It is also handy to be close to coffee and food as you work.

A quality, adjustable office chair should be used. This will allow you to position yourself ergonomically and prevent pain and injuries.

Dining tables have been a part of homes for centuries. Their primary purpose is to provide a place to eat. In modern homes, they serve an expanded role. If you are in the market for a new-build home in Volusia County, contact Gallery Homes at (386) 260-2213. We can build you the home of your dreams.