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Architectural Design Trends in 2023

The start of the new year is a perfect time to look ahead to emerging trends in architectural design. The trends that will continue to gain traction aren’t geared towards revamping aesthetics. Instead, homeowners’ practical needs and priorities are driving the biggest design trends to watch for in 2023.


Green building practices are becoming the norm in renovation projects and new construction. People want their homes to reflect their commitment to protecting the environment. In particular, they’re looking for ways to make their day-to-day life at home more sustainable without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

Building materials that are sourced sustainably are in high-demand. Builders are opting to use structural components made from composite materials and precast slabs. Eco-friendly flooring such as bamboo and concrete are immensely popular.

Design features that promote energy efficiency are increasingly common. Outfitting homes with high-quality insulation during the construction process and installing windows that offer low emissivity can make heating and cooling systems run efficiently.

Equipping new construction with renewable energy solutions adds value. Solar energy installations also tend rank highly on home improvement wish lists. They generate ongoing savings for homeowners and can also offer tax incentives.

Open Spaces

As people have been spending more time at home in recent years, and they want their surroundings to feel comfy but not confining. In addition, they value being able to put their living space to several different uses.

An open layout leaves room for possibilities. Having a good amount of interior space for activities and get-togethers is simply more practical than partitioning a first floor with dining rooms or dens that are rarely used.

Open design concepts have mass appeal. Leaving flexibility in a floor plan is great for social singles, growing families, and multi-generational households.

Home Offices

With more people working remotely, builders are seeing more requests to incorporate home offices into floor plans. Remote workers want to spend their workday in a calm environment that fosters productivity. Plans typically feature windows that maximize natural light, ceiling fans to circulate air, and an abundance of electrical outlets to power office equipment.

For the most part, remote workers prefer having some distance between their workspace and the rest of their residence. In designs that are otherwise fairly open, segmenting offices curtails distractions.

Storage Solutions

Decluttering has been all the rage, but nobody is ready and willing to part with every non-essential item that they own just yet. With convenient storage built into a home, it’s easier to maintain a good organizational system and minimalist style.

Multipurpose pantries and modular closet designs spare homeowners from converting garages into depositories. Built-in storage also allows them to forgo large storage pieces that make rooms look crowded.

Kitchens are commonly one of the most over-cluttered areas of a house, they’ve become a big focal point for storage and organization features. Homeowners want cabinets that they can easily reach and enough room to accommodate bulk-sized items.

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