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What Is Al Fresco Living?

Al fresco living is ideal for many Floridians. After all, the Sunshine State offers plenty of sunny, fresh weather that is perfect for living life in the open air.

More and more homeowners are creating al fresco spaces to get the best of both indoor and outdoor living. The al fresco life involves more breeze and light and taking the aesthetic of your home to a different level. It can boost your home’s value, too.

Al Fresco Living Has a Focus on Entertainment, Relaxation, and Seating

An excellent al fresco space usually means an excellent entertainment space, too. Al fresco setups work extremely well for family, friends, and even co-workers to get together. The pandemic has accelerated the trend of outdoor living and socializing, too. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens issued the 2021 Outdoor Living Report with findings such as these.

  • Seating is the primary focus for outdoor spaces and was the priority for 83% of respondents. Don’t worry if your space is small. You are good as long as you have room for at least one comfortable seat to enjoy your morning beverage with.
  • An outdoor kitchen would be very important to 65 percent of U.S. homeowners aged 35 to 44 if they were to design an outdoor space. Fortunately, outdoor kitchens can have any element an indoor kitchen does, including elegant lighting, fridges, and cooktops.
  • Durability matters more than cost-saving bargains. Resilience to weather was important to 65% of respondents, while 66% said durability was. Cost mattered as very important to 58%.

Al fresco living lets you meditate, enjoy a morning coffee or afternoon beer, and enjoy the outdoors solo or with others.

It Gives a New Twist to Work From Home

A lot of people work from home these days, either part time or full time. It used to be that many of these folks would have to make do at a cluttered kitchen table or in a dark, crowded home office.

Enter al fresco living. Having a sunny space with fresh air can do wonders for mood and work performance. Luckily, finding the right balance between indoor and outdoor living is possible whether you are designing a home from scratch, buying a home that does not already have al fresco spaces, or want improvements on a home you have lived in for years.

Al Fresco Living Incorporates Elements Such as Glass and Shelter

Indoor-outdoor al fresco spaces often make generous use of glass. For example, glass along one wall lets in a lot of sunlight, while French or patio doors make it easier to facilitate the flow from inside to outside and vice versa.

Shelter is important too, especially for rainy or hot days. It can take the form of a conservatory with glass roof glazing, window hoppers, and a climate-control system. On a lower-key level, canopies, overhangs, umbrellas, and open enclosures can work well.

It Is Great for Community Living, Too

Al fresco living can boost your mood and bring neighbors together in communities such as apartment complexes, condos, and 55+ areas. If designated al fresco spaces do not already exist, check with associations or the applicable bodies about setting up your own. Many places offer small front or back porch areas at a minimum.

The Right Furniture Choices Are Essential

For long-term successful al fresco living, choose durable furniture that you can easily pick up and rearrange when needed. It should be weatherproof and simple to bring in for impending hurricanes.

Al fresco living is becoming more popular among homeowners due to the morale boost and relaxation and entertainment options. Contact Gallery Homes at (386) 260-0575 today to discuss choosing a new home or building one in the Volusia County area.