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Custom Home Builder: How To Create a Cozy Living Room With Dark Colors

Do you avoid dark colors for fear that your living room will give off gloomy vibes? Ditch the idea that dark equals gloomy. You can create a cozy, warm atmosphere by filling your space with the right shades. With the help of a custom home builder, you can learn how to maintain color balance without bland beiges and light colors.

Custom Home Builder Advice: Using Texture and Pattern for Depth

Modern trends have strayed away from boring, neutral spaces. Add depth via different textures and patterns to create an inviting and original space. When you use dark colors, various textures can break up the monotony of the hues.

Consider plush materials, like velvet cushions and faux fur rugs are inviting and welcoming. Chunky knit blankets thrown over a smooth sofa will create a tactile, cozy space.

Patterns and prints can add a spark of creativity to your space. Some patterns to consider include:

  • Geometric patterns
  • Graphic prints
  • Bold florals
  • Blocks of color

Different patterns can be mixed and matched, but they require balance with solid colors to keep them from becoming overwhelming. Be strategic and sparing with where you add bold patterns to avoid chaos. For instance, use solid color throw pillows as accents if you have a bold patterned chair.

Focus on Lighting

While colors like midnight blue and charcoal gray can create an intimate, warm atmosphere, you need lighting to make it work. Talk to a custom home builder about installing the proper lighting in your home. Lighting can change the entire vibe of your living room. Soft lighting can cast a gentle glow and blur the edge of the space, while task lighting can be used for focused activities like reading or crafting. If you have a favorite piece of art or plant display, accent lighting can highlight those pieces.

Find a Balance

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners can make when decorating with dark colors is making their space look flat and lifeless. When you have color balance, dark colors become elegant, sophisticated and dramatic. If you want the room to look alive, you must learn to balance the colors.

A custom home builder may suggest that incorporating lighter colors is the easiest way to add balance. For example, add a pale blue rug, creamy throw pillow or green plant to create contrast and add light to the room. Light pops of color make the space feel less heavy.

Contrasting textures, materials, and patterns create balance in a dark living room. For instance, pair a bright yellow accent chair with a navy sofa. Additionally, use artwork and mirrors for visual interest. Colorful paintings create a focal point and mirrors reflect light to make a space look larger.

Create a Lush Welcoming Space in Your Own Home With Help From a Custom Home Builder

If you love dark colors, you don’t have to settle for beige or neutral colors in your living room. Dark colors can add an inviting, intimate atmosphere when you balance the colors with different patterns, textures and materials. When working with a custom home builder, you can discuss your decor plans throughout the build to ensure it fits. Contact us today at (386) 260-2370 and let us help you find the ideal custom home.