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Top 5 Smart Home Devices to Consider When Building Your New Home

Buying a home in 2020 means you have many options to make your home “smart” whether it be safety related, or for convenience and entertainment purposes. These gadgets allow you to perform a variety of functions conveniently – including streaming music, locking your doors, turning on the lights and monitoring your home security system cameras.

With all of the options out there, the cost of smart devices can add up quickly – and quite frankly, can be a bit overwhelming on what to choose. So where do you start? 

Don’t stress. Our team put together a helpful guide to the best and most popular smart devices in 2020 to help get you started. Check them out below.

1.Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are extremely popular and are viewed as essential smart home devices for many people. A recent survey found that 83% of Americans realize the benefit of owning a voice assistant. One of the main benefits of having a smart home voice assistant is the hands-free capability it provides.

You can perform a function on your phone, ask about the weather and even add an item to your virtual grocery list all by voice. Google Home and Amazon Echo dominate the market and have similar functionalities. Both devices are inexpensive and provide all the functions most users want. Of course, high-end options are available for those who are ok spending more – but these do the job just fine.

2. Smart Security Systems 

Traditional security systems require a lot of maintenance, professional installation and frequently experience accidental alarm triggers. Smart security systems such as Ring, Maximus and Netatmo are Wi-Fi enabled and make monitoring your home simple and convenient.

Some models allow you to monitor video cameras remotely via an app on your smartphone while others incorporate cameras into the doorbell, so you can interact with visitors without approaching the door.

3. Smart Lights

If you’re interested in living in a smart home, lighting is a good place to start. There are many options when it comes to smart lighting systems. From vibrant colors to design patterns, most lights, such as the LIFX and the TP-Link, communicate via Wi-Fi. Other systems communicate via Bluetooth. All can be controlled from an app on your smartphone.

Aside from the convenience factor, smart lights can even enhance the security of your home by allowing you to set lighting timers and schedules.

4. Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat is an ideal purchase because it offers both comfort and cost savings. In addition to scheduling heating and cooling based on your daily routine, some smart thermostats detect when you are not home and turn off your HVAC system in response.

In fact, many homeowners report large savings after purchasing smart thermostats such as Nest.

5. A Smart Home, Starts With The Build 

Efficiency is important in general – and it all starts with an energy efficient home. With a Gallery Homes home, you receive the benefit of lower electric bills as a result of our superior energy efficiency and your home will operate at less than 1/2 the cost of a typical resale.

With this as your base, whether your smart devices work on electricity or wi-fi you are saving from the get-go.

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