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Why You Need To Build An Energy Efficient Home in Florida

Whether you currently live in the Sunshine State or are looking to build a new home in the great state of Florida, you’ll want to make sure that you’re considering a custom home builder that makes energy efficiency a priority.

While weather is usually beautiful down here in the South, it does have its share of cold days and extreme weather – so, building an energy efficient home has its advantages no matter what those conditions may be.

Want more information on the topic? Our team has compiled the top reasons why you should be considering building an energy efficient home in Florida, and here they are:

Be Eco-Conscious

Global greenhouse emissions are thought to be contributing to the increasing temperatures around the world. Of the residential greenhouse emissions in the United States in 2016, almost 70% were attributable to electricity use, while fossil fuel use constituted over 30%.

When you choose to build an energy efficient home in Florida, you are contributing to helping protect our planet. We recommend choosing a custom home builder who is a member of the Florida Green Building Coalition, as we all can play a part in energy conservation.

It Is a Smart Investment

It is no secret that building a home is a financial commitment. Any time that you invest, you want to ensure that your money is working for you. Among the many other advantages, energy efficient new construction homes offer:

  • Quality
  • ROI
  • Resale Value

Your Energy Costs Are Lower

Did you know that by choosing to build an energy efficient home costs less than those of existing homes? In fact, you could be cutting your bills in half!

An energy efficient home requires less electricity, gas or both to bring your home to temperature. That translates to lower utility costs each month. Your home retains the conditioned air better, and the appliances work more effectively, preventing heat or cooling loss.

Helpful Tip: When it comes to an energy efficient builder, look out for one who lists specific ways their homes will save energy. 

Your Home Stays More Comfortable

The climate in Florida can be hot and humid, but with an energy efficient home, the humidity will only be a problem when you go outside. Even in times of extreme weather – your doors, windows and ventilation can work to keep you safe and comfortable inside.

Your Home, Your Way 

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