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6 Features To Consider for Your New Construction Home in 2022

Buying a house that has already been lived in means making compromises: Negotiating based on the features you want and then either changing or learning to live with the ones you don’t. However, when you have a new home constructed, you’re in control of what does and does not go in there and can have it built according to your specifications.

You don’t have to have any features in the house that you don’t want, but it could be difficult to narrow down what to include. Here are some examples of features that many people have found to improve their quality of life and enjoyment of their brand new homes.

1. Energy-Efficient Windows

People who buy existing homes often have to have them retrofitted with energy-efficient windows, but you can have them from the very beginning when you include them in your new construction. By choosing energy-efficient windows, you benefit personally from helping the environment by saving money on your utility bills. Furthermore, by preventing drafts of cold air, energy-efficient windows help make your home much more comfortable.

2. Storage

Most homeowners feel they need more storage space than they actually have. This is especially true of people who own historic or vintage homes built during time periods when storage was less of a priority. Because you’re having a new home built, you can include as much storage as you need. Be sure to think about where you need storage — e.g., kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom — in addition to how much in square footage. Also, look for ways to convert spaces that might otherwise go unused, such as the area under the stairs, to storage.

3. Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been popular for decades, and it is easy to see why. An open floor plan is flexible and can be adapted to meet your needs. It lets in more light, it is great for entertaining, and it allows your family to spend time together even when you are busy with separate tasks. Furthermore, because open floor plans are so popular and have been for many years, you have plenty of good examples to look at for inspiration.

4. Kitchen Island

A kitchen island allows you to get the most out of your open floor plan, providing both a workspace and seating area as needed. Not to mention all of the extra counter space you’ll gain for prepping and additional storage. A kitchen island will also help to define space within an open concept home.

5. Outdoor Living Space

An outdoor living space is a place to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. Some people also use it for cooking outside. Outdoor living spaces are popular across the country, especially in places such as Florida where they can be used through almost the entire year.

6. Vinyl Plank Flooring

If you’re looking for flooring that is affordable, attractive, durable, and low maintenance, vinyl plank flooring checks all of those boxes. It looks like real wood but requires much less upkeep. Unlike wood, it stands up to moisture without warping or cracking, meaning that it can go in any room in the house, including “wet” rooms such as the laundry room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

The exciting thing about a new construction home is that it can become whatever you want it to be. Find out more about the home building process with Gallery Homes by contacting us online or by phone at (386) 260-2454 today!