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Evaluating the Differences Between Custom and Production Home Builders

Your home is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your life. Besides helping you to build equity, it’s where you and your family will be hanging your proverbial hats. Most people don’t rush into this weighty decision because there are so many things to consider, from location to financing to the state of the market. Personal style is another factor that folks weigh and custom versus production houses fall into that category.

What Are Production Home Builders?

Production home builders are the home builders who build developments, rather than single, individualized homes. They build a community of homes that is based on a library of floor plans and pre-decided amenity options.

Production builders generally research trending amenities and features of homes and communities and then they build according to what they believe consumers will want and will sacrifice in lieu of a personalized home. Generally, production homes are much less expensive than custom homes.

Another benefit is that for folks who don’t want the potential logistical headaches of being involved in the design process, those decisions have already been made. Most production builders:

  • Offer a range of pricing (first-time, move up, luxury)
  • Allow buyers to choose style/design options from a menu
  • Offer a range of house plans
  • Offer home and land as a package

What Are Custom Home Builders?

Unlike production homes, custom home builders create a home from a unique set of plans on a single lot. These homes necessarily offer a greater range of design choices and amenities than production homes. An advantage to a custom build is that you can build your vision, rather than take on projects piecemeal down the road.

Building a home with energy-efficient options, for instance, gets you what you want immediately as opposed to retrofitting with solar thermal, heat pumps or biomass boilers. Another advantage is a good home construction team will work with you, augmenting your knowledge and wisdom quotient with their experience to help you build for value and avoid potential design mistakes.

Other benefits offered by custom home builders include:

  • You can supply the floor plan or commission a set of floor plans
  • The home can be built on land that you own or that you acquire
  • You aren’t limited to a menu, but whatever options your budget allows

There’s a lot to consider when settling on what kind of home you are going to invest in. At Gallery Homes, we strive to match people with their ideal home and lifestyle. Contact us online or call (386) 260-2454 so we can start the process of building your new dream home!