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Sales Office (386) 738-7000

Combat a Hot Sellers’ Market by Building Instead

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With a combination of low inventory and too many buyers battling for their forever home, coupled with investors trying to make a buck, the housing market still feels hot and crowded.

So how can house hunters combat a volatile market and still obtain a home that meets their needs without paying over and above the asking price?

Feeling frustrated? Don’t. Our team of home selling and building experts are here to help! Discover the top reasons why building a home in a hot seller’s market is a practical solution.

Low Inventory

The low inventory of homes and the excess of buyers have made the market too hot. Battling countless other buyers for the same overpriced home is not an ideal experience. While there is a shortage of houses for sale, one thing is for sure: there is no lack of property to build instead.

Professional Guidance

Selecting a contractor to oversee the lot selection and the building of your home relieves additional stress. Professional contractors can work with your needs and answer questions along the way. Years of experience and skills help avoid pitfalls that you might otherwise encounter on your own.

Lot Selection 

Don’t know where to look for a lot? No worries! Most home builders have their own established communities and neighborhoods with a variety of surveyed lot options. Another perk is that some even have wonderful amenities like pools, clubhouses and parks available to homeowners.

Customization Options

Rather than being limited by the choices of a former homeowner, when you build, the customizations are put in place to meet your specific needs. The options for comfort and ease are limitless – especially if you plan to age in place and want specific safety features for down the road.

Upgrades Available

In addition to basic home plans, there are also upgrades available to satisfy the requests of specific homeowners. Want stunning granite countertops or a “wow” statement chandelier? The options are yours for the taking.

Energy Efficient

Fresh, more sustainable materials and new construction help conserve energy. You can save money on heating and cooling bills with something as simple as tightly sealed doors and windows. Geothermal heating is also a consideration.

Move-In Ready 

When you purchase a pre-owned home, there are plenty of tasks to do to make it your own. You likely will have to paint, replace the flooring, perhaps redo a room or two, address a bathroom potentially, or replace a kitchen counter.

By building a house instead, you are move-in ready the moment that it’s complete. There are no looming pesky weekend tasks to take away family or leisure time when you choose to build. Need to move in a hurry? Ask your builder about quick delivery and model-for-sale options!

When It Comes To Building A Home, Build With The Best

If you’re trying to buy your dream home and want to discuss the benefits and options of building, look no further – the homebuilding experts at Gallery Homes of Deland are here to help!

Contact our team online, or call us directly at (386) 260-2378 – finding your perfect home in Volusia County is just a consultation away!