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5 Benefits of Building on Your Own Lot

Buying a house is one of the most significant investments most people make throughout their lives. When you decide to build a house, you have the added advantage of being able to choose the exact lot where you want your dream home to stand. Building on your own lot offers numerous benefits that can make the building process a breeze and help you achieve your vision for your dream home.

Consider Your Location

Location is everything. Choosing to build on your lot ensures that you can be intentional about the location of your new home and not just settle for a specific ZIP code. When you choose a subdivision, you can decide which lot on the street or cul-de-sac you want to settle in. This creates a unique opportunity to find the ideal location that suits your lifestyle preferences, budget, and long-term building plans.

Get What You Really Want

One of the most significant advantages of building on your lot is complete freedom in the design of your home. Unlike buying an already-constructed home, you have more control and flexibility to customize your floor plan and details to match your style preferences and budget. Additionally, building on your lot means having more space to work with, allowing for more outdoor space, room for upgrades or additions, and much more.

Potential for More

Building on your lot gives you the opportunity to select a property large enough to accommodate your long-term building plans. When selecting your land, you must lay out a long-range vision before starting any construction. This helps to ensure that your projects stay within the building set-back lines, avoid tree locations, and are feasible. Choosing your lot gives you more control over your new home’s size, shape, and orientation.

No Place Like Home

When building on your lot, you get a strong emotional connection to living in a new home that you have created. The unoccupied home smell is unique. No one else has stepped foot on your carpet. This is your design that you created from zero, matching your style and personality.

Control Over Restrictions

When you build a custom home in a neighborhood, homeowners associations or other entities often set restrictions. Communities may have limits on things like how much square footage you can have, how many floors, and more. Building on your land means that you can make your house any size and in any design you want. That means you’ll have complete control over your home’s looks, feels, and functions. This gives you freedom over the design of your house, from the floor plan to the paint colors.

Building on your own lot is an exciting and rewarding process with numerous advantages. It gives you freedom in the design of your home, the ability to choose the location that suits your lifestyle, maximum use of your land, and total control over the restrictions you face.

Considering that building a house is a long-term commitment, it’s essential to get it right by making informed decisions. At Gallery Homes, we can help you build the home of your dreams on the lot you choose, or move into one of our quick delivery homes in Volusia County. Contact us today at (386) 260-2069 to begin designing your vision for your dream home.