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Guidelines to Selecting a Great Site to Build Your Home

Choosing to build a custom home over an existing home for sale, offers something other homes do not – you get the perfect opportunity to build exactly what you want in a home and where you want it.

When it comes to home building, one of the first hurdles is to find a suitable site. Choosing the best one is not always easy and really comes down to several objective factors and some special preferences.

Don’t stress, based on our experience, we’ve put together a list of things you should be considering when selecting a location and site for your home.

Location. Location. Location.

Whether you will be the first to build in a particular area, or the last – the location in a neighborhood is extremely important. Consider both your lifestyle needs, as well as the value of your home – while you are living there and if you choose to sell down the road.

Here are a few points to think over when selecting which homesite to select:

Corner Homesites

Corner sites can be great in an older neighborhood – it’s common to have both a backyard, side yard, and mature trees; offering privacy. Depending on where you are living, you may have more opportunity for a view, such as in a greenbelt area or lakeside.

However, take caution if the corner site is on a busy road, entrance to a subdivision, or in a newer development. Sometimes being on a corner can actually limit your outdoor space, privacy or can get a lot of car lights from night traffic.

Behind Your Site

If the site backs up to a busy road, consider noise and value of the home if you ever choose to sell – this could influence that.

Is there room for development that would make a major impact, such as forest area or fields behind you? Would it bother you if businesses, homes or perhaps a major highway or roads were to develop there in the future?

Another consideration is if the site is on water – is there room for flooding? Public use? It may be great to be on a lake or pond, but does the water source offer public access and would this be an issue to you if you value privacy? Another thing to think about is flooding – you want to make sure precautions are taken so that the chances are slim to none in the case of heavy rainfall.

Scope The Neighborhood

Whether you will be the first, one of the first or even one of the last homes to be built in a neighborhood, it helps to drive the area to get an overall feel for it. Think of your home and the views you will have – will you be in close proximity to your neighbor? Have an eyesore view in a room you use the most? Also consider noise, placement of street lamps, sewers, hydrants and more. It is a good rule of thumb to know the area as a whole.


Many home buyers have a preference as to what direction both the front or back of the house will be facing. If you are a fan of getting sun in your home where you spend the most time after work, you may want to make sure that room or rooms are facing West.

When it comes to Florida, you may want to consider how to save on central air and what rooms will be cooler – with lack of sun exposure in them.

Lay Of The Land 

The only good slopes are those meant for skiing. If the site is sloping or on a hill, be very cautious. There are a few things to factor in when it comes to this:

  • Landscaping and expenses that go along with it
  • Less room for enjoying your outdoor space
  • Any potential for erosion
  • Lawn and yard maintenance may be challenging

Choose a Reputable Builder

Selecting a site, let alone a home to build, can be stressful. But don’t let that stop you – you deserve the home of your dreams! A great home builder will be there every step of the way and more than happy to answer any questions you may have and give you the reassurance you need based on their experience.

If you already have a homesite picked, a home builder can show you how well it lines up with the land or how much it might cost you to make it so, along with spot any potential issues there may be with building your home.

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